Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The crazy things you see on Halloween

It's Halloween it's Halloween the moon is full and bright and we shall see what can't be seen on any other night. So, this past week I was reminded of all the crazy things you see and talk about during this great holiday Halloween. Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays, except that I get to dress my daughter up in fun costumes, but for the most part I don't look forward to this holiday. Case and point, we were at our ward trunk or treat on Saturday. They did a tri-ward trunk or treat so there were lots of people I didn't know, but one in particular stuck out in my mind and will forever be burned there. As I was taking Hollyn around to all of the different cars there was a couple in front of me with two little girls. The mom was dressed up in a full body black cat women leotard with a tail and all. That part I can get over and get, the women had a long lean figure so she could pull it off. The part that threw me off track was the boyfriend standing beside her with his arm around her waist and his hand full on grabbing her rear. And I am not exaggerating on this one at all, it wasn't resting on the top it was full on grabbing. I couldn't keep my eyes forward or myself from laughing. I felt like I was back at Kino Junior High. So to all those who actually read this blog let me know all of the fun and crazy things you saw this Halloween.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kansas City

Kansas City Here We Come!

Dan had his October Break on Monday, so we decided to take a trip to Kansas City with some friends. We left Saturday morning and went to the Legends outlets in Kansas City, Kansas. After a few hours of shoping and a few bags to show for it we headed to Overland, Kansas to our hotel. We had a hard time finding a room in Kansas City, Missouri because it was Octobeer fest and their was a marathon going on. After checking in we went to a local restraunt recommended by our good friend Travis, who served his mission there. Strouds was suppose to have the best fried chicken around. It sure had the wait to show for it. When we got there the wait was an hour and 50 minutes. We opted for takeout and ate in the Cabin next door to the restraunt. The food was great. The meal came with chicken, potatoes, green beans, and yummy cinnamon rolls. We had to roll ourselves back to the hotel. Sunday we took a trip to Independence to see some church history sites. We went to the Church Visitors Center. We were lucky to catch the Dead Sea Scrolls while they were they. It was amazing to see how they found the scrolls, then how they were able to translate them and the history behind them. We were also able to learn more about the early Saints and their lives in Independence. I am so greatful that we are able to be here in the Midwest and learn more about the Church's history. I have decided to start reading a few books about the Saint's treck to Salt Lake and the trails they endured. After feeling the Spirit in the Visitors Center we decided to go next door to the RLDS church's new temple. They have actually recently changed their name to the Community of Christ. From the pictures you can see the interesting design of their temple. They designed it after the sea shell. The temple was very interesting and so was the tour. We learned that the church recently allowed the women members hold the priesthood and they use the cross throughout their church. It seems like the similarities between the two are becoming less and less. The man who took us through the tour was nice, but the Spirit was not present. I am so grateful for the Spirit that I feel when I enter any of our church's sites. After seeing the spiral temple we went to the best BBQ place in town, Arthur Bryant's. It was the best pulled pork I have tasted. The portions were huge. I had a whole takeout of pork left when I was done eating. If you are ever in Kansas City you have to try Arthur Bryant's. Thanks for the recommendations Travis, we even posted some pictures just for you. YUMMY!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grandparents Time!

Visit from Grandma & Grandpa Hall

We were so excited and happy to have my parents come and visit this last week. Hollyn was especially excited to spend time with her grandparents. Every morning she would wake up and immediately run downstairs to wake them up and be with them. Sorry Mom and Dad for the early wake up calls, I know you guys are two hours behind us. While they were here we went to the local farmer's market, picked apples, walked downtown, went to the sunken gardens, went to a pumpkin patch, and headed over to the Mormon Trail Center and Winter Quarters Temple. They were able to come at a beautiful time of year with all of the leaves turning colors and 70-60 degree weather. I think every ones favorite part was the pumpkin patch. This was no ordinary pumpkin patch, it had pony rides, goats, lamas, cows, pig races, jumping things, hay rides, a train, bike tracks, a bunny town, and much more. It looked like a fall theme park. The Mormon Trail Center was also a great place to visit. There is so much more church history that I need to learn and every time I learn something new I am amazed at the faith and courage of those who have come before us to establish this great gospel. Grandma and Grandpa were great house guests. I think Mom cooked more than I did, and we all know what a great cook she is. Please come and visit as much as you want. We loved having you guys here!