Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween, super heroes to the rescue.

For Halloween this year both my girls were super heroes. I was so excited to hear that Hollyn wanted to be Super Girl and not a princess. And so Paige wanted to be a super hero too, Bat Girl. They were by far my favorite costumes so far! They both pretended to fly around the house saving the day. Every Halloween it feels like it's not just a one day even but a whole week event. Between ward parties, parents ward parties, school carnivals, and just regular trick or treating by the time Halloween comes around I am done, and the magic has warn off. One of my favorite parts of Halloween this year was helping out at Hollyn's school carnival. I love having a kid and school and going to the school and volunteering. I love meeting her new friends and seeing her so happy. I know I have said this before, but Hollyn's teacher is amazing. She planning pretty much the whole Kindergarten Fall Festival which consisted of over 10 booths for the kids to win treats and prizes. It was so well put together and the kids had a blast. We also got to go to Hollyn's school that afternoon to watch the Halloween parade. It brought back fun memories of walking around MacArthur school in my Halloween costume as a kid. What fun memories she is making.

Paige one more time

My good friend Andrea is an amazing photographer, and lucky for me she still takes our pictures even though she has retired from photography. The best part is, she took Hollyn's two year pictures and now Paiges's two year pictures. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Here are a couple pictures of Hollyn when she was 2.