Sunday, June 1, 2008

And the baby is a...

We just found out Friday that we are having a Girl! We are all so excited to add another fabulous girl to our family. Hollyn is especially excited to be a big sister. She already has big plans for her little sis. The best news of all is that the baby is healthy and I am right on schedule, 19 weeks today. So there is much more pink, dance classes, princesses, and dress ups in our future.


I'm a little behind on blogging, okay a lot behind, but to catch up on life, we left Nebraska on the 10th of May for Arizona. Dan has an intership with the Maricopa District County Attorney's Office and I am teaching swimming lessons. The day we left for AZ Hollyn had her first dance recital. I'll try to figure out how to post the video of it, because it was so cute. It took us two days, 11 hours the first day and 8 hours the second day. We stayed the night in Las Vegas one night, Las Vegas, New Mexico that is. It's not everyday you get to experience new towns in New Mexico. Hollyn did great the whole time. She had gotten sick before we left, but she still did great the whole ride over. We're all happy we don't have to make the trip again for a few months. We will be in AZ until the end of July and then it's back to Nebraska for Dan's second year of law school. We are all glad the first year is over and so proud of Dan for all his hard work and dedication. It was all worth it. Only two more years!