Thursday, August 28, 2008

A not so welcome back to Nebraska

When we arrived home, in Nebraska, on Sunday I noticed a strong smell in our house. Not a food smell, but a moldy smell. I immediately went downstairs and found that our basement had flooded and their was black mold everywhere. So for the next few days we kept the basement door shut with a towel pushed underneath it. We also started looking for a new place to live. Within a few days we located a new place and moved in by the following day. Dan was a amazing. He moved everything up from the basement, while I disinfected everything with bleach. Especially all of Hollyn's toys that we could save since they were all downstairs. We must have looked pretty silly. We both had things covering our mouth and rubber gloves protecting our hands. Dan pretty much single handily moved us all by himself with little help from me. I felt pretty helpless being 8 months pregnant and not being able to move anything heavy. We found a cute three bedroom house that is only three years old and doesn't have a smelly basement. We love it! Hollyn has a little playroom now that she will spend hours in. We are a little farther from campus and we had to move out of our old ward, which was a real bummer, but the place is perfect for our family. We are definitely staying here for the next two years. I already told Dan the next time we move again it will be permanent.(At least for 5 years)
I will post pictures of the new place soon. Here's a few pictures of the moldy basement and one of Dan after a long day of moving. Too bad I can't add the smell too. Not the smell of Dan but the smell of the basement.

Farewell AZ Hello UT

We left AZ, but not before a trip to Sedona with my parents and some swimming lessons from Grandma. Hollyn has become an amazing little swimmer. She took all summer from me and from Grandma. She can dive, do all the strokes, and swim the whole length of the pool all by herself. Hollyn is a little fish or a dolphin as her aunts liked to call her.
We made the drive to Utah August 3rd and stayed for a whole week. My grood friend Holly and her husband Danny were grecious enough to let us stay at their fabulous home. We had the whole basement to ourselves. Hollyn especially loved their golden retriever Alli. It was great to spend some time with them watching the Olympics, going to dinner, and just hanging out talking. Thanks again you guys.
We were also able to see all of Dan's family while we were there. Dan's grandpa Pomp passes away so all of his siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles where there for the funeral. It was nice spending time with all of them and to hear all of the amazing stories of Pomp's life. He was an amazing man. Hollyn had a great time playing with her cousins everyday. She keeps asking when they are going to come and visit us in Lincoln. Thanks Papa Charlie and Nancy for your generosity and hospitality. We had a great time.