Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Since Dan and Hollyn both had school off on Monday we decided to go do something fun as a family. We had wanted to go to Kansas City, but didn't decide until late Sunday night so instead I got on the internet and looked for fun things to do around Lincoln on Labor Day. I found a great parade in downtown Omaha. Most of the people in the parade where labor workers, electrians, plumbers, steel workers, etc, but each one had a fun large balloon they carried with them. None of the balloons matched the profesion, but they were fun anyway. They had Uncle Sam, Handy Manny, a Wizard, and a few others I forgot. Hollyn loved the parade and I'm pretty sure she got more candy there than she did on Halloween. Those labor workers don't mess around. After the parade we went to the mall and walked around and let Hollyn play in the cool air conditioned play area. Then to end our day we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Dan and I shared the Miso Chicken and it was delicious. Not bad for last minute planning.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Last Monday was Dan's first day back as a second year law student and Hollyn's first day of preschool. Hollyn will go three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:45-3:15. I'm not sure I'm going to know what to do with my little buddy gone. We decided to do our annual zoo trip to the Omaha Zoo before school started and things got crazy. The zoo was great and we had a fabulous time spending a full day together without the worries of studying, or at least Dan worrying about studying.

Hollyn loves, loves, loves preschool. We got to meet her teacher a few days before school started. Her name is Mrs. Jensen, Barbie Jensen. Now who wouldn't love a teacher named Barbie. Hollyn couldn't wait to start school and when Monday came around she kept asking me if it was time to go yet. I kept telling her after lunch, so right before 11 Hollyn tells me, "Mom, I'm ready for lunch." When she got to school she wasn't nervous at all. She gave Mrs. Jensen a big hug and walked right in. This kid is nothing like I was. I'm sure I was crying at the door for my mom not to leave. Everyday when I came to pick her up she had a huge smile on her face and talked all about what she did that day. On Friday they got to see a caterpillar make a chrysalis. I had no idea what that was at first, until I realized it was a cocoon. My kid is already becoming smarter than me. Isn't that suppose to happen later in life?