Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hollyn's kindergarten performance

Hollyn had her first kindergarten performance a few weeks ago about the ocean. My favorite song was "Never Smile at a Crocodile" and "Going on a Shell Hunt" rap. It was so cute and fun to watch. I can't believe she is almost a first grader! It went by way to fast.

A family who runs together stays together

Our family did our first Pat's Run and we loved it! It definitely is the most crowded run I have ever done, but I loved that they had a kid's run and so many things for the family to do. I did learn some valuable lessons 1. don't run with a stroller, it's way too crowded to get through everyone 2. don't break your jogging stroller 15 minutes before the race (right before we got to the race the front tire of the jogging stroller busted and so needless to say I was jogging 4.2 miles on a wheely) I do have to say that Dan did offer a bunch of times to jog with it. 3. Skip the soccer game after the game and enjoy booths at the race. Thanks Lisa and Jeremy for talking us into signing up. It was great to run it together.

Queen Creek Rode

Back in March we went to the Queen Creek Rodeo with Dan's family. It was actually really fun. I loved dressing the girls up in the boots and kind of rodeo clothes, as rodeo as we get. I realized that I need me some cowgirl boots. I actually may be a country girl at heart, as long as it's only for a few days out of the year. Before the rodeo there was a little carnival with rides and games and Paige's first pony ride. She loved every moment of it and couldn't stop saying YEEHAA!! I also took the girls on their first ferris wheel. I was terrified and not of the ride itself, but of Paige falling out the ride. I actually am surprised they let her ride on it in the first place, she could have slipped right under the bars. Maybe I should be more surprised that I let her ride on it. Before the actual rodeo we listed to the cutest band of three sisters called Fire Flies. They were adorable red headed sisters and they were really good too. The rodeo was really great and it makes you proud to be an American. I mean what can be more American than a rodeo with cowboys and cowgirls.