Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Day of First Grade

Hollyn was so excited to start school. She is officially a big first grader! We were so lucky to get the best first grade teacher Ms. Liddy. She makes learning so much fun for the kids, and I feel that is so important in elementary school. I mean really once you leave elementary school, school is no longer fun, why not let them enjoy learning for as long as possible. I am of the philosophy that kids learn best through experience. So far they have learned about geography and maps through making a treasure map of their own island and going on a treasure hunt around the neighborhood with compasses. Every week they are doing something with food for math and graphing. I am amazed at how Hollyn's teacher has the time to plan everything she does. Hollyn loves going to school every day and has already learned so much. Her reading has taken off and I love that she can read books to herself and Paige.

Hollyn keeps busy with soccer and tumbling and she will be starting dance in a few weeks. I'm not sure what Hollyn will end up loving, but right now I want her to try everything. Hollyn also lost her first tooth a month ago and another one two weeks ago, so she no longer has her two lower teeth. I am not looking forward to her loosing her two front teeth.

Broadbent Family Trip to CA

Before school started we took a week vacation with Dan's family to Mission Beach California. Dan's mom found the most amazing beach house right on the beach. The view from our place was fantastic! Every morning we ate breakfast looking out on the ocean and every evening we ate dinner watching the sun go down into the ocean. It was breath taking. We didn't ever leave the beach, who would when you have such a prime location. We did take time off of the beach to have a killer baseball game and home run derby.