Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hip Hop Recital

Holls has been taking a hip hop class with her cousins. They love to dance, and have loved learning all of their new hip hop moves, including the ice cream scoop, cleaning the table, I have a fever and a few more I can't remember. They did a little mid session performance for all the parents to show us what they have learned. Here's a little preview.
The dancers.

The ice cream scoop.
Push ups. I'm surprised she could do real pushups.

Spring Break

For Spring Break this year we headed over to Oceanside, Ca for the week. Were able to be there at the same time as my parents, Dan's mom and my sister-in-law and her three girls. The weather was beautiful, the company was great, and the girls had a blast playing together. There's nothing better than seeing your kids playing with their friends and family at the beach.

One of my favorite things besides going to the beach is the farmer's market in Oceanside. The produce is spectacular, the music is entertaining, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is so much fun. This year we found the best dipping sauce. It's similar to hummus, but so much better.

At the end of our trip we always have to have a shake in the middle of the ocean. It's actually a shake at Ruby's Dinner at the end of the pier, but the kids think it's the greatest thing ever. At we left at the perfect day, right when it started getting cold. Can't wait to go back this summer!