Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today Hollyn had Crazy Sock Day at school. She was so excited to wear crazy socks to school and I think the teachers know what they are doing when they schedule the school spirit days on early release day. I'm pretty sure crazy socks equal crazy kids. I was actually really excited to pick up Hollyn early from school and spend the afternoon with her. A friend and I panned a day of swimming and pizza. It's amazing how much pent up energy these little guys have after a day or even just an afternoon at school. Their little bodies are like Mexican Jumping Beans sitting at their tables just waiting for a chance to jump out of their seats. Kindergarten teachers are saints in my book.
Look at those bruises. Now that's one active kid. I think she got her balance and grace from her mom. For some reasons my legs always look like a five year old with bruises all over. Too bad it's not very attractive on a 30 year old woman.
I was also able to go to Hollyn's classroom last night for Curriculum Night. I know it may sound dorky but I love me some Curriculum Night. I remember when I was teaching school I always had a poor turn out for this night. Granted I was teaching sixth graders, but I never understood why parents wouldn't want to come and hear my discipline techniques, the curriculum for the year, and then be able to ask any questions. Hollyn's teacher is fantastic and I'm not sure how she does it all. She has a website where we will go and download their homework for the month, find fun websites for the kids to go to, site words, recipes, and tons of fun activities to work on at home to help kids practice what they are learning at school. Her teacher also has a Smart Board which is about the coolest computer you have ever seen. It looks like a white board but it projects the computer up on the screen and you can actually touch it to move things and it has special pens you can write on it with. It's pure genius and any teachers dream. Needless to say, I was very impressed by Hollyn's teacher.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe it has actually here, my oldest Hollyn is going to Kindergarten. I wanted to put her into a half day class, but she was persistent that she wanted to 1. eat lunch at school and 2. be there all day. So I gave in, bought her a lunch box and let you do all day Kindergarten. We met her teacher Mrs. Eversole last night and she seemed really great. Her classroom looked so fun. It reminded me of my times in Kindergarten. Today was her first day of school and she was so excited. She picked out her outfit and couldn't wait to get to school. The whole drive over she kept saying "when are we going to get there. I'm so excited!" She walked right into the gate and was ready to go. I'm just not too sure I am ready for her to go. My big helper is going to be gone most of the day. The good news is there was no tears from either of us. When I picked her up from school I asked her what her favorite thing at school was and she said lunch. I think this is going to be a great school year.

Crew and Hollyn have been friends for well ever since they were born. Their birthdays are about two weeks apart and as Hollyn likes to say, "Crew was my first friend."

Trip to Utah

We decided to take a quick trip to Utah before school started to see Dan's grandma and to take the kids to temple square. We also wanted to celebrate Dan finishing the BAR. He has worked so hard all summer long and for any of you who have taken the BAR or studied for it you know how stressful it is. So needless to say we are glad to have Dan back and he is extremely happy to be done and working. While we were in Utah we did the usual touristy things, shopping, site seeing, eating, and visiting family and friends. Next time we go to Utah we need some ideas from you Utahans on what are some fun things to do.