Sunday, March 30, 2008

Going Private

So, I too decided to go private. After having Dan hound me to do it, I decided that there was no good reason for me not to do it. I know it's more difficult to access, but hopefully everyone will still come and visit. Let me know if you want me to put you on the list. If I don't have your email address, leave it in the comment and I will erase it. I will wait until next week to make it private. Thanks!

Spring Break

For Spring Break we went to Arizona to visit family and friends. We were also able to spend a week in California with my family. We had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather on the beach and we even made a trip to Disneyland. My good friend Heather found someone giving away five two day passes to Disneyland, so we couldn't pass up the chance. Hollyn had a blast seeing all of her favorite princesses, riding on some rides, watching the Disney parade and High School Musical 2 parade. Check out the slide show below of our trip.
After we got back to Arizona we had lots of Easter fun. Hollyn went on four Easter egg hunts. One with Nonni's neighborhood, one with Grandma and Grandpa's ward, one with the Broadbent cousins, and one on Easter from the Easter Bunny. Hollyn never got tired of looking for eggs. Before Holyn and I left we were able to spend time with some friends. On Monday she played with her friend Crew, on Tuesday she played with her friend Ryan and her cousins, on Wednesday she got to meet some of my friends from Junior High and High School's kids, and Wednesday night we had dinner with her friend Crew and his family. We had a great time, thanks for hanging out with us and being such great hosts. I can't believe we will be back again in less than two months.

Spring Break Trip to the beach and Disneyland

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kid Expo

On Saturday I took Hollyn to the Kid's Expo. It had a bunch of booths, bouncers, games, shows, and animals just for kids. I couldn't believe all the different vendors they had and all the thinks they were able to fit into the even center. Hollyn made beaded necklesses, she dressed up in dresses and jewelry, she went to the petting zoo, bounced in a few different bouncers and went down slides, and played lots of games. They even had a creepy clown doing a magic show and making balloons for kids. And if the day wasn't already fun enough, it was beautiful outside, almost 60 degrees outside. I can't wait for Spring. The strange thing about Lincoln is that one day you will have clear skies and beautiful weather, and then you have a day like today with cloudy skies and snow.