Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swimming and 4th of July

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Swimming, Swimming, and 4th of July

Needless to say we have been doing a lot of swimming. When you are in AZ all summer, there's nothing better than to cool off in a nice cool pool. Hollyn has been doing lessons with me and my mom all summer and Paige just started lessons with my mom. They both love the water and Hollyn especially loves having people over to swim. We have been able to have swimming parties with her cousins and my cousins and their kids. Dan and I also finally splurged and finally got an SLR camera. I love it, especially the rapid fire. For the 4th of July we drove up to Heber, AZ for the day to see the fireworks and parade. Heber has the best fireworks. We had a great time Hollyn and Paige loved the fireworks. Hollyn said, "Mom, do you know how we get fireworks? It's Heavenly Father using sparklers."