Sunday, September 30, 2007

Potty Training

This week was the official potty training week. I decided that it was time to really take the plunge and go full force with the potty training. We began on Monday by saying that we didn't have any more diapers so it was time to wear panties and go in the potty. Hollyn looked at me and said, "Mom, I'm a big girl and I go in the potty now." I figured that was a good sign. The first day was a little rough, we were 50/50 with the in the potty and in the panties, but we stuck with it. We started a sticker chart, which has really helped and given Hollyn some incentive. Each day has gone a little better until she went a whole day without any accidents. I think we almost have the peeing down, but it's the pooping in the potty that is kickin my rear. I finally decided to let her wear a diaper for the pooping, at least for now. I would rather have her go in her diaper than in her panties. I was just talking with my good friend Maren about potty training the other day and it really helped to have someone else going through the same stage. Mare, we just have to keep smiling and gritting our teeth at the same time, as we wash those poopy undies. I love potty training!

Higley Groves Ward

Everyday as I am getting ready I see the picture of all our friends from our old ward when they threw us a going away party. Each time we look at it it makes us homesick for our old ward. We had amazing friends and families in our old ward. Hollyn still talks about all the kids from her old nursery class and her nursery teachers Kathryn and Susan. I am so grateful for all of the friends we are meeting here in Lincoln in the Trendwood ward. We are lucky to have found a ward with so many families in school. We are excited to come home for Christmas in a few months and visit all our friends and family. Do you think they will call me to nursery? I'm kidding. It's just a joke for those of you who already know I was called to be in nursery in our new ward too. I really do love nursery!

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Children's Museum

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week of Fun

On Tuesday we were finally able to take Hollyn and her friend Olivia to the Children's Museum. They spent almost three hours playing, running, and just having fun. They could have spent longer, but we were all getting hungry and us moms were getting tired. It was the perfect thing to do on a rainy day. From the pictures you can see how great this museum is. Three floors of absolute entertainment for children of all ages. You're all welcome to come visit and see it for yourself. Friday our ward had what they call a Pig Out. Someone in our ward works at the university in the agricultural department, so they slaughter a big for him and even roast it. I guess last year they had the whole pig out there with the orange in it's mouth and all, but it disturbed a few people, so this time it was just the meat and no pig. It tasted really good, too bad we all had stomach problems that night. Maybe it was the potato salad or even the baked beans, or a combination of all three. It was a fun activity, because we were able to just hang out and chat with people in the ward.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Books, Parades, Apples, and Friends

Books, Parades, Apples, and Friends

Lately I have been trying to plan something fun to do with Hollyn each day. My friend Becky and I try to do lots together because her daughter Olivia and Hollyn are only a month apart in age. This week we went to a really great park called Antelope Park. It has a huge playground for all kids, and then a smaller one for kids who are under 5. Hollyn and Olivia whore each other out. I love when that happens. We also went to a book reading at Barnes and Noble about Curious George, and guess who showed up to visit? You can see from the pictures that Hollyn wasn't too thrilled about seeing him. But once he was gone she couldn't stop talking about him. On Saturday we went to Nebraska City with the Anderson's for the Apple Jack Festival. We saw the parade, got delicious apples, and went to an apple orchard. We were so happy to have Dan there with us.

Monday, September 3, 2007

More Stuff

I figured since I have finally got a grasp on how to do this blogging stuff I would get as much done as I can. I'm not sure when I'll be updating everything again. Thanks Caryn, for helping me with the slide show and the cute background. You are the blogging queen. After Dan was done studying today we went to Omaha. We were driving around looking for things to do and ended up at a mall. I think the best part of the whole mall was the cute playground. Hollyn had a blast and I couldn't resist posting this cute picture of her in the tent. I will have to say that we haven't been able to pin point what there is to do in Omaha, except for to go to the temple and the children's zoo. So far we have found Lincoln to be the happenin place. Please inform us if you know of any fun things to do there.

Labor Day Fun!

Today Hollyn and I went on a jog while Dan was studying. Our jog turned into a nature hike along the way. We found this half turtle half horney toad along the way. Hollyn loved to look at it but she refused to touch it. We had to bring it home to take a picture for everyone. It kept trying to climb out of the stroller basket, which made for a long run. Hollyn and I love going on jogs together and looking for new animals.

Our trip to the Omaha Zoo. The gorilla loved to look at Hollyn.

Weekend Fun with Family before we left AZ

Funny Girl!

This morning as Hollyn and I were taking Dan to school to study Hollyn says to Dan as he is leaving "you make a women go mad." I turned around and asked her what she said. She said it again and I asked her where she heard it, she said "Shakira mom." Then I remembered it's from the Hips Don't Lie song. I guess there's nothing wrong with liking to jam in the car. Right?!? We love our little girl.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

First week of school, first week of school!

We survived the first week of school. Since we only have one car I would drop Dan off at about 7:30 and then pick him up at 6pm. A few days he went back to study after dinner. He is really liking school. He says it's a ton of reading and work, but he is learning a lot. I'm just surprised his brain can retain that much information. Hollyn and I are so lucky to have a husband and Dad that works so hard for his family. During the day Hollyn came with me to my job at a preschool. Here in Lincoln if the wife is recruited to a job than you can get in state tuition. It's a really great deal. My hours are from 8-4pm. It's a long day, but it's worth it to have Hollyn there with me. Hopefully we will be approved for instate tuition by the end of this week. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Yesterday was the Huskers first football game. Hollyn and I were driving down town and all we saw was a sea of red. It was so great to see the whole town wearing red to support their team. That's one thing that I really like here in Lincoln, the fans are so loyal.
We like our new ward and have meet lots of people so far. Last week I played in a ward softball tournament and was able to get to know people there and we also attended a ward potluck last Sunday and meet lots of law students. I think there are 10 or even more in our ward. Hollyn has meet a friend here too named Olivia. She and Hollyn are nursery buddies, which is good because I am ready to go to Sunday school and Relief Society. Her mom and dad, Aaron and Becky are really great and we have done a few think with them so far. We have found some friends. Hurray!