Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh what do you do when it's warm outside?

So, we have had six long months of cold, snow, cloudy skies. The sun finally came out for an afternoon and we were ready to go outside. The girls were so excited to ride bikes, scooters, and chalk. Paige loved chalking all over her clothes, her body, and her sisters drawings. Hollyn loves to color and draw and write all of our names and anything else she can spell. Her drawings have really changed over the last few months. She use to draw more stick figure like people, but now she gives them bodies and even draws real eyes. She said that Nonni taught her how to draw eyes. You draw a u, close the u, and then draw a line in the middle. I loved that she taught me how to draw better eyes. Hollyn is so ready for kindergarten and can't wait to have a lunch box. We are still trying to decide if we want her to do full day or half day. If it was up to her she would go all day. Hollyn has also started to read books. They are definitely at a kindergarten level, but she is so excited to be able to read. We are so proud of her and really can't take credit for most of it. This kid loves to learn and if you ask her where she learned something most of the time she says, "from my brain."
Paige, well Paige is such a crazy kid. She loves to try to do anything her big sister is doing. She is not afraid of anyone no matter how big they are. If she wants something she goes after it, even if she gets pushed down in the process. She will also let you know what she wants in a loud voice. Paige loves to do her own thing and she is just fine being left alone in the playroom. She loves to get into the jewelry and put on as many necklaces as possible. She also loves to play with the kitchen and feed us or her baby pretend food. Paige just started putting two words together this week. She says things like more banana which really sounds like, "mo nana." She has really started to talk and it's so fun to hear how she says things. Some of her favorite things to say are, more, banana, milk, cheese, yogos, uuhh huu(for yes, I couldn't figure out how to spell it), no, hi, bye, I love you (which really sounds like iluvu, all one word) sissy, mommy, daddy, go, uh ohh and I'm sure there are more I am forgetting. She also loves to shake her head yes and no and still loves to sign animals and do animal sounds. We love this kid and she is always surprising us. She is also the first kid in our family to write on something other than paper, the floor. At least it was only with a pencil and came out.

This is a picture Hollyn drew of me. If you notice my belly button is showing. I guess I have been busting out my belly shirts lately.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm so glad when Grandma visits glad as I can be!

My mom was here visiting the last two weeks. We had asked her over Christmas Break if we could fly her to Lincoln for two weeks to watch the girls while I worked. She was immediately on board and Hollyn started the count down the day we came home. It was so great having her here. Although it was hard to go back to work full time, it was nice knowing that Hollyn and Paige were in good hands. My mom helped with the cooking, cleaning, taking Hollyn to school, taking the kids to Dr.'s appointments, making sure Dan and I were able go to the temple and on dates while she was here, and not to mention the kind deeds she did for us everyday. Needless to say the girls hardly even missed me. My mom left on Sunday and we are already missing her. We miss her delicious cooking, especially her yummy salads (I just can't make them like her). I miss shopping with her and having someone to go to the gym with, go on jogs with, and hang out with at night while Dan is studying. We love and miss you mom. Thanks Dad for letting us borrow her for two weeks. It must have been hard without her.