Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paige digging into her cake

Paige's 1st Birthday

Today was Paigey's 1st birthday!! We decided since we already did a big party in AZ before we left we would just do an intimate family party. Paige opened her presents and then dug into her cake. Hollyn helped me make her a fishy cake. It was so fun to see her go after her cake, but the best part was when we were singing Happy Birthday. While Dan was video taping and I was taking pictures Paige decided to blow out the candle with her finger. She reached right over and put the candle out with her two little fingers. The look on her face was complete surprise, she wasn't sure if she should cry or laugh. The candle didn't burn her at all, but she didn't want to touch the cake unless we took the candle off. That is our Paige, always surprising us. Her favorite present was a ball my parents got her. She loves to carry around balls and throw them and then chase after them. She is very particular where she will throw the ball though, because she doesn't want anyone else to get it and if someone does, no matter what size they are she will go after them. We love our little Paige. Here are a few fun things about Paige:
1. Paige is tiny but mighty. People are always amazed when they see her walking because she is so small. The usually think she is alot younger than she is.
2. Paige loves attention she will smile at anyone to try to get them to look at her.
3. Paige loves to climb on and up anything she can.
4. Paige will not stop moving until she is sleeping, not even for food. When she nurses she tries to stand up and move around.
5. Paige has an infection smile. No matter who she smiles at they will smile back. Even the grumpy old men.
6. Paige is a mama's girl.
7. Paige is not a snuggler.
8. Paige loves to talk. She can say a few things we understand like mom, dad, cracker, ball, uh oh, milk, all done, hi. ( Most of them only I can understand, but I'm pretty sure all done is her favorite word.)
9. Paige is learning sign language. She signs milk, water, ball, dog, please, fish, and is working on thank you, and all the other animals.
10. Paige has a sweet mullet. It's a party in the back and business up front. The sad thing is she won't keep on head bands.

Monday, October 5, 2009

We miss you Grandma!

Grandma left and boy do we all miss her. I miss help in the kitchen, with the girls, and someone to talk all day that is over the age of 4. Hollyn misses playing polly pockets, playing games, coloring and going to the pumpkin patch. Paige misses Grandma sneaking her food that Mom would never let her eat. Thanks for coming and visiting us. We miss you already. Thanks Grandpa for lending us Grandma for a week.
PS wasn't conference fantastic! I'm not going to pretend I was able to listen to all of it, the reality is once you have kids your ability to listen to conference is diminished significantly. (if this is not the case for you please let me know your secret) Anyhow, I loved all of the talks I did hear and can't wait to read the rest when they come out in the Ensign.