Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Soccer Time!!

One of my favorite things about having my kids get older is watching them do activities, especially sports. I was definitely a tom boy when I was a kid, I LOVED sports. I loved pushing myself, I loved competing, I loved winning, I loved the friends I made. Although I had great experiences playing sports, I wanted my girls to be more well rounded, more girly. Hollyn is definitely that, she is a complete girly girl, but she is also a pretty good soccer player. At first she was really timid and not very aggressive, but she has really improved and is learning to be competitive and assertive, which I think are two important things for her to learn. I love cheering for her on the sidelines and watching her face light up. I love watching her dribble the ball down the field to score a goal and as she hears us cheering for her watching a huge smile appear on her face, then when she scores seeing her trying to repress her smile, until it becomes too difficult. That smile is my favorite part of watching Hollyn play sports.

I love that Hollyn lives so close to family and gets to play on the same soccer team as her cousin Kate.